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Drive Features
Drive Type Hardness
Point Type Major Diameter
Point Size Sleeve Diameter
Overall Length


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Screw Size Thread Diameter Internal Torx Washer Head Pan Head Flat Head Hex Head Truss Head Fillister Head Oval Head Socket Head Cap Screw Socket Set Screw
2 .086 T-7 T-7 T-6 T-3
3 .099 T-8 T-8 T-7 T-5
4 .112 T-9 T-9 T-8 T-9 T-9 T-10 T-6
5 .125 T-10 T-10 T-9 T-10 T-10 T-10 T-10 T-7
6 .138 T-15 T-15 T-10 T-15 T-10 T-15 T-15 T-15 T-7
8 .164 T-20 T-20 T-15 T-20 T-15 T-20 T-20 T-25 T-8
10 .190 T-25 T-25 T-20 T-25 T-20 T-25 T-25 T-27 T-10
12 .216 T-27 T-27 T-25 T-27 T-25 T-27 T-27 T-27 T-10
1/4 .250 T-30 T-30 T-27 T-30 T-27 T-30 T-30 T-30 T-20
5/16 .312 T-40 T-40 T-40 T-40 T-40 T-40 T-45 T-27
3/8 .375 T-45 T-40 T-45 T-45 T-45 T-45 T-50 T-30
7/16 .437 T-50 T-50 T-45 T-50 T-50 T-55 T-40
1/2 .500 T-55 T-50 T-50 T-55 T-50 T-55 T-45

Torxalign bits "wedge" into the Torx recess to firmly hold the fastener to the bit and in most cases, a magnetic bit holder is not required. They are also good for use with stainless steel fasteners that are non-magnetic.

Tamper resistant Torx screws feature a post in the center of the recess -- this post will only fit into a tamper resistant Torx bit. Tamper resistant Torx bits are available on a restricted distribution basis.  Contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions about tamper proof (sometimes called "Security" screw) details.

Torx Plus bits and fasteners feature a greater engagement area for higher torque transfer and reduced camout when driving Torx Plus fasteners. They can provide up to 100% more drive cycles. Torx Plus bits are not compatible with standard Torx fasteners.

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