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Screwdrivers, Torx Screwdrivers, Power Bits, insert bits, power drive bits, bit holders, adapters, hand drivers and tool sets in Phillips, slotted, Torx, Pozidriv, Hex Socket and Square Recess. We also have Sel-O-Fit, Frearson, Clutch Head, Torq-Set, Tri-Wing, Hi-Torque and Triple Square insert bits and power drive bits. Hard to find items our specialty. Shopping is easy and delivery is fast.

We believe that we have the largest inventory of Torx® Drive screws on the PLANET. Have you always wanted to own Torx® Drive screws, which are reported to be 5 times better than Hex, but could not afford them? Now is your chance! Click on the button below and give your name, address and phone number to get your paper catalog.



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You can shop for screwdrivers or accessory by clicking on any of the pictures above or Search Store for a specific screwdriver item or Browse Store catalog index.

Insert Bits, Power Bits, Bit Holders and Adapters and Screwdrivers.

You may ask, what is the difference between an insert bit and a power bit? Insert bits are commonly used with a bit holder in power tool applications or even in hand driver applications. This combination is economical, provides flexibility and allows a fastener to be magnetically held by the bit. Power bits are placed directly into the power tool chuck.

When you click on any of the pictures above, you will be taken to another page which gives more specific information about the particular department within Aaron's Screwdrivers store that you clicked on. There you will find more pictures which you can click on and it will take you to a search page which will allow you to find just the right screwdriver product that you want.

We have arranged the pull down menus on the search page so that you can enter as much or as little detail about your specific requirement as you wish. If you enter many specifications then your search will be very quick because there will be fewer items that match that particular set of requirements. If you enter only a few specifications, then the search will take longer but you will have more choices to make from the returned results.

Let's suppose that you click on the "insert bits" picture on this page. You will be taken to another page which just deals with insert bits and nothing else. On this page you will see pictures of some of the different insert bits that we carry. If you want an insert bit to fit an 1/4" hex driver and want to drive Torx fasteners, then you would click on any one of the pictures on this page. You will be taken to the "insert drivers search page" where you will find some pull down menus. In the first pull down menu, entitled "size",  click on 1/4". On the second pull down menu, "drive type", click on hex. In the third pull down menu, "fasteners head style", click on Torx. Then click on "show selection" and you will see a list of all of the "insert bits" which have a 1/4" hex drive and Torx point. Should you wish to limit your search to only those that have a T-20 point size then you should also open the fourth pull down menu and narrow your search to only those insert bits that meet all of the specifications that you have entered.

Although, we have more than 1100 different items listed in this store, there are others that are not yet on the computerized list. We also encourage you to e-mail us or call us if you can not find the exact item that you want. We have many more items that are not yet listed in our online catalog and there are many more which you may need such as heat treating requirements. In our online database we have provided a data field for heat treating values which we call hardness. This field will be completed in the future. In the interim use e-mail or the phone. Here are the field codes to use when specifying hardness.

All of our more than 330 hand driver Insert Bits can be found in the department by that name. All you have to do is indicate the drive size and type as well as the head style of the industrial fasteners that you are driving or removing and you will be presented with a complete list of all items in our online database that meets these requirements.

If you should be looking for Power Drive Bits, you can go directly to that department and you do not have to shuffle through insert bits or hand drivers. The only things in this department are power bits.

Likewise, in the Bit Holders department you will only find those things that are classified as bit holders or adapters. You will find quick releasing drill chucks, but you will not find "extensions" or "sockets". These devices can be found in another Aaron's store at www.aaronssockets.com.

If you want hand drivers, most often called screwdrivers, you will find them in the Screwdrivers  department. Here you will find a broad array of products for driving or removing almost any industrial fastener. You will also find a limited number of nut drivers in this department, sometimes called nutsetters. There are more than 150 different hand drivers in this department.

We have put together several Tool Sets which are specially priced for those who want a sampling of a lot of different things. For example we have tool sets containing 14 pieces, 17 pieces, 34 pieces and 44 pieces. Should you only want bit assortments, they can also be found in 6, 9 and 60 bit sets. The 60 bit assortments are particularly handy for general use but also can be used to determine the exact bit that you may want to buy in volume.

If you are interested in a inch/fraction, inch/decimals, metric conversion chart, you may want to visit our metric fastener store at www.aaronsmetricscrews.com . The chart is designed to be easily printed for offline use. In this store we have a free chart to help you in selecting the proper Phillips point size for driving ANY Phillips screw.

All credit cards are accepted. If you need a quote by e-mail, Click Here. These screwdriver products are are normally sold in minimum quantities.

When you buy screwdrivers, shipping charges are calculated automatically while you are in the buying process. After you press the "Checkout" button a new screen will ask for shipping method, shipping address and payment method. If you are in California, there will be an automatic sales tax added. In addition there will be a 50¢ handling charge added to all orders. If you should want to try different shipping methods to get the one best suited for you, simply click the "Back" button on your browser, change the shipping method and click on "Continue". If you want to try still another shipping method, simply repeat this procedure. The screwdrivers that you order will receive our prompt attention.

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